Asian Culinary Institute

Wholesome Confinement Essentials

Course Level

Early Career

Course Duration

1 Day  


Hospitality / F&B


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Course Introduction

Confinement dishes are essential for regaining of health after childbirth. These dishes helps to recoup the lost blood and essential minerals lost during labour. These dishes are more commonly home-cooked nowadays given the availability of ingredients locally. This course offers the theoretical knowledge and trains learners to compose and produce confinement dishes. Learners will gain a better understanding and attain the knowledge in principles of cooking for confinement dishes. The food and beverage industry plays an important role in contributing to the tourism industry. Given that this industry is wide with a diverse market, it requires its personnel to have good product knowledge and versatility in producing varying types of cuisines to meet the market’s requirements. This course prepares learners with the abilities to apply the knowledge and skills in preparing confinement dishes which are Vinegar Pig Trotters and Eggs, Chicken with Ginger, Sesame Oil & Chinese Wine and Snow Fungus, Red Dates & Wolfberries Jelly. During this course, learners will be steered by veteran culinary trainers who will impart the principles and cooking techniques for confinement dishes which involves selecting and proportioning raw ingredients, seasoning and flavouring of confinement dishes. Trainers will also impart their skills and knowledge to learners on the importance of temperature control in cooking, determine doneness and extraction of essence off the ingredients used.

Course Outline

1) Vinegar Pig Trotters and Eggs

2) Chicken with Ginger, Sesame Oil and Chinese Wine

3) Snow Fungus, Red Dates and Wolfberries Jelly



Full Course Fee (excl GST): SGD $ 320.00

Full Course Fee with GST: SGD $ 342.40

Fee SG Citizen Aged 21-39 or SG PR aged 21 & above (incl GST): SGD $ 102.72

Fee SG Citizen aged 40 & above (incl GST): SGD $ 38.72

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