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Daily Complimentary Workshop timings at the Learning Booth of Jobs & Learning Fest 2019:

Staying Relevant in Today’s Digital Age Workshops at 11am and 3pm

Technology today plays an integral role in service industry and with it growing at an unprecedented pace, it has disrupted the service industry tremendously. Hence, it’s very important to keep abreast of such advancements to stay competitive in this Digital Age. Training Vision Institute is well versed with such developments and is providing you with a complimentary workshop, this one-hour workshop will provide key insights and advice to tap on such technological advancements to maintain a competitive edge and be at the forefront of your industry. Limited seats available, register for the workshop now!

Resume Clinic Workshops at 1pm and 5pm

Are you ready for your job search? Or are you still struggling with your resume? First impressions always count, and when it comes to applying for a job – Resumes are your tool to set a first and lasting impression even before going down to the interview. During the workshop, our experienced trainers will help you build your resume through a structured and hands-on learning approach. Limited seats available, register for the workshop now!

Do you want to be part of the Service Industry?
Are you passionate in going the extra mile to achieve excellent service?
Do you enjoy meeting people and aspire to excel as a service professional?

In the service sector, employers are constantly looking for 'work-ready' candidates to take on challenging yet fulfilling roles. Enhance your employability and expand your skill set with 'Service Transformer' – a WSQ certified programme offered by Training Vision Institute (TVI). Through the 'Service Transformer' programme, you will develop the core competencies required to provide a truly exceptional service and make a marked impact in your organisation.


持续网罗富有潜力且“准备就绪”的雇员来承担具有挑战性但充实的角色, 是服务行业雇主的梦想!您现在就能够通过 Training Vision Institute(TVI). 所提供的新技能资格“服务之星”认证课程提高您的就业能力和扩展您的技能!您将会在“服务之星”课程中学习, 和掌握真正卓越服务所需的核心能力,并在您的组织中产生显着的影响力。

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