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UP TO  $ 1600 / month


Long John Silver’s is hiring both service and kitchen crews!!

Positions available:
Full Time: from $1400/mth
Part Time: from $7/hr

✏ Job Scope:

Counter Service Crew (Part-time / Full-time) 

Greet customers and take orders
Prepare drinks and additional side orders for customers
Attend and respond to the customers’ requests promptly and professionally
Complete the routine of counter-opening, counter-closing duties during shift handover and closing at night
Undertake any ad-hoc duties as assigned by the Restaurant Manager

Kitchen Crew (Part-time / Full-time)

Food Preparation – to prepare and ensure there are sufficient food items and non-food items to serve to customers
Inventory – basic stock check (condition and expiry of products)
Cooking – responsible for checking of oil condition, follow standard of procedures for frying and grilling of food and other food items
Kitchen Condition– responsible to ensure food hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen to provide safety to both our company employees and customers
Undertake any ad-hoc duties as assigned by the Restaurant Manager

✅ Requirements:

- Able to commit shift hours.
- Able to commit at least 2 days per week (including weekends & public holidays), 4 hours per day.

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201218997C

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