Electrical Technician

  •   Yishun - NS13
  •   Full Time

FROM  $ 2000 / month

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Job Responsibility
• Maintain and adjust the condition of electrical assets: Electrical Systems, Equipment, UPS Batteries, Generators Switchboards, Motors, Wiring, Portable tools etc

• Comply with relevant authorisation procedures, safe working practices and specific instructions.

• Complete maintenance in an agreed timescale, using safe and appropriate methods and agreed procedures.

• Ensure resources and spares are planned for and used cost effectively.

• Ensure the correct, current operating requirements are available for reference.

• Ensure any assets which have been maintained or had parameters adjusted still comply with specified operating requirements with minimum disruption and with the specified methods, tools and materials.

• Monitor and record any maintenance or adjustments accurately in work history in MMS.

• Monitor And Assess The Performance And Condition Of Electrical Assets.

• Obtain information or parameters from reliable sources. (Inspection ports, connections, vendor documentary information, instrument readings, diagnostic equipment.) using approved methods

• Use monitoring equipment or procedures correctly to assess the condition of electrical assets

• Ensure monitoring and checks are carried out in line with specified MMS timescales and schedules.

• Record and communicate monitored outcomes accurately and in timely fashion to raise the effectiveness of MMS.

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