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Retail Associate:
As customer satisfaction is our top priority, you will be engaging closely with customers to address to their enquiries. This includes but not limited to greeting customer (WELCOME TO UNIQLO!), checking stock availability, directing customers to their needs/enquiries and many more.
You will be also be working with a closely knitted team, focusing on ensuring smooth operations on the sales floor and stockroom.
Last but not least, you will given the opportunity to experience UNIQLO's way of retail management and start building a career for yourself with us.

Senior Retail Associate:
Applicants with Degree/Diploma certificate are also eligible to apply for the Senior Retail Associate position however, do note that it is not a guarantee offer subjected to the interview judgement of your capability and suitability for the role.
As a Senior Retail Associate, in addition to the Retail Associate tasks, you will also be managing the store in your respective division and area.
You will be setting an example to other staffs and act as a trainer to educate them on evaluation of trainee and ensuring staff development.

*Do note that this role require commitment on both weekends

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200816544K

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