Part-Time Warehouse Admin #SeniorsWelcome

  •   Jurong East - NS1|EW24
  •   Part Time
  •   5 Day Week

FROM  $ 11 / hour

Customer service
o Reply to customers’ queries
o Contact customers as needed on stock and delivery arrangements
• Inventory Application
o Be familiar to use the inventory application for daily order processing
o Incoming goods receiving note
o Delivery notes
o Picklist
o Stock Query
• Delivery jobs assignment
o Be familiar to use the Fleet Management Application to assign orders to drivers
o Monitor the status
o Contact drivers who are prompted late for deliveries
• Consolidate documents
o Consolidate documents for submission back to office for billing
 Delivery Notes
 Invoices
 Customer’s specific documents to be signed during delivery process
• Update billing information
o Update each customer’s account for work done for the month so as to facilitate billing by office
o Communicate with office for any changes or ad hoc projects’ billing

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200921797R

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