•   Multiple Locations
  •   Full Time, Contract
  •   6 Day Week

UP TO  $ 3000 / month

Our Company:
Everyone can talk to people, but not everyone can sell like us.
We focus on providing solutions not just to our clients but to our customers as well.

Our People:
We have footballers, gamers, singers, dancers, otakus, bookworms, mahjong players and every other variety of people. We have Family people, Happy people and Playful People.

Our Hiring Process:
1. You find this ad.
2. You read the ad.
3. You tell us you are interested (click apply).
4. We call you to say hi.
5. We meet on Zoom to understand you better.
6. We like you.
7. We share with you more about the role.
8. We want you.
9. You come and meet the team.
10. You tell everyone how amazing our company is.

Don’t scroll past this. Take the leap of faith and build on your career. Be happier, have fun with us. Don’t be afraid to change, we are not scary, we don’t bite. Worst case scenario – you become one of us.

Share this opportunity with your friend. We are growing our team and if we like you, we will like your friend too. (:

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201127896N

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