Wine Retail (Shop) Supervisor [Expired]

  •   Multiple Locations
  •   Full Time

$ 2500 / month

*Birthday Gift
*Annual Increment & Performance Bonus
*Medical Allowance
*Career Progression

Job Responsibilities

-To greet the customers upon their arrival
-Assist customers with their wine selection
-Continue to expand on the company’s product knowledge
-Ensure that payments are processed correctly
-Advertising and promoting the wines in the store
-Report and record customer complaints to superiors
-Ensure overall cleanliness of the retail store
-Oversee closing and opening procedures of the store
-Process customer purchase in the store
-Record order and issue invoice using standard invoice number set by HQ’s Account Department.
-Sort daily receipts per category
-Prepare weekly roster for retail employees in the store
-Responsible for weekly wine order
-Arrange delivery of club member’s birthday wine on a monthly basis
-Prepare monthly food product analysis, monthly item movement history report and corporate customer purchase summaries
-Responsible for daily stock count
-Responsible for ordering monthly stationary for the store
-Ensure cash and security policies, administration, and financial procedures are adhered to, with relevant and accurate data being delivered on time
-Liaise with neighbourhood restaurants and pubs for new business opportunities
-Adhere to store’s operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees to improve on sales results
-Managing ERP related tasks and responsibilities as required in the role
-Carry out any other retail duties as per reporting manager and Retail Operations Manager

About the Employer

Wine Connection
BRN/UEN: 200503677W

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