Warehouse Assistants - DPC [Expired]

  •   Jurong East - EW24|NS1
  •   Full Time
  •   5.5 Day Week

$ 2000 / month

• Duties include in-housing - inspecting, sorting, picking and packing, arranging and scanning.
• Complete tasks such as loading, unloading, sorting, picking, stocking, staging and transportation of goods according to instructions
• Load and unload materials to and from designated storage area, such as racks, shelves, or vehicles.
• Verify computations against physical count of stock.
• Maintains condition of work area
• Performs other duties as assigned.
• Must be able to work in warehouse environment
• Must have the right attitude, be helpful, proactive, responsible and willing to learn.

• Minimum 1 year of warehouse assistant experience.
• Long term full time employment only!
• This is not part-time job or temporary!

Benefit & Remuneration:
Basic Salary
• Probation: $1800 ( SG ), $1400 ( WP )
• After Probation $2000 ( SG ) , $1500 (WP)
• $300 Attendance Incentive (no lateness, no absences)
• $4.25 forklift allowance per working day (minimum $100/mth, for forklift license holders only)
• $10 meal allowance for overtime exceeding 2hrs
• $8 shift allowance for each working day for eligible shift
• $10 transportation allowance for each working day for eligible shift
• Tenure allowance - after 1st/2nd/3rd yr anniversary of employment the employee is eligible for $150-$500/monthly tenure allowances
• E.g. a 2nd yr tenure employee receives $340/mth, a 1st yr tenure employee receives $170/mth on top of basic salary.
• If you get promoted to Supervisor, you get supervisor allowance $12 per work day

Other information:
• 12 days annual leave
• 14 days sick leave/60 days hospitalization

Working Hours: 5.5 days/week
• Mon to Fri: 2pm to 11pm
• Sat: 2pm to 6pm

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201104738Z

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