Merchandising Assistant [Expired]

  •   Ubi - DT27
  •   Full Time
  •   5 Day Week

$ 2400 / month

This role will play a key part in supporting with all aspects of merchandising tasks including inventory management, stock arrangement, data processing, submission of pricings and financial documents, generating reports.

Inventory, Operation and Administrative Support
• Assist in achieving the overall stock performance in term of gross profit, margin and inventory target
• Price tagging, check and verify the trade-in / un-redeemed pledges
• Identify the gold for re-furbish/repair to re-sell or scrap
• Bulk-in high volume of trade-in / un-redeemed gold in system for re-sell and process to scrap products
• Ensure data in system is accurate on the disposal of the pledges
• Timely and effective allocation of stock through regular product lines updates
• Check orders against proforma invoices prior to payment and stock-take administration
• Handle queries, communicate and resolve supply/quality issues with suppliers
• Follow up closely with supplier to ensure the repair or exchange stock is returned timely
• Assist with other merchandising-related activities as assigned

Merchandising Reporting
• Record and update POs / invoices to system and submit to Finance Department for timely payment to suppliers
• Process indent purchase summary and indent advance orders
• Generate weekly stock / sales reports for analysing data
• Update data and generate ad-hoc reports as and when as required

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200807271K

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