Sales Executive [Expired]

  •   Multiple Locations
  •   Full Time
  •   6 Day Week

$ 2500 / month

Jal Yoga is a membership-based Yoga/Pilates/Barre company with 5 studios spread across Singapore at strategic locations. The Sales Executive is responsible for the sales and business acquisition of the respective studio. He/she has to attend to walk-in inquiries, follow up on the leads that are generated by digital marketing and other channels.

The responsibilities can be divided into 3 parts:

- Conversion to Trials where the sales executive will attend to leads, address their questions about the classes and book an appropriate trial class for them after understanding his/her needs/goals.

- Attending to Trials: when the prospect comes for a trial class, the sales executive will ensure that he/she has a positive experience and explain the various packages and try to close the sales.

- Post-sales services: The sales executive must also follow up with the members after closing to ensure that he/she attends the classes regularly, attend to feedback and provide continuous customer services. This will ensure the likelihood of the members to renew the package later or also create opportunities to recommend other workshops or personal training that meets the needs of the members.

The sales executive also has to maintain the studio in good condition with the support of the cleaning team. The person should treat the studio as his/her own business and possess the following skills: entrepreneurial, excellent interpersonal skills, a communicative, genuine sense of helpfulness, enjoy meeting different people, and fulfilling their needs.

Basic Salary - Up to $2500 + Commission

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201708359E

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