Weekend Part Time Crew(11am-11pm)$11/h (DhobyGhaut/Tampines/Somerset) [Expired]

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$ 11 / hour

*Part Time Service Crew-Weekend Shift*
12pm - 10:30pm (Work 9hrs with 1.5hr Unpaid break)
I'm Kim (Dhoby Ghaut)
Captain Kim (Tampines)
GoroGoro (Somerset)
Captain KIm (Bukit Panjang)

For Service Crew must work fast & customer service to be 5 Star level
Work Saturday - Sunday Only
Basic Hourly: $11/hour
Basic Per Day: $11 x 9 hours = $99/day (up to)
12pm - 10:30pm work (9 hours with 1.5hrs unpaid break)

Work Place
I'm Kim @ SOTA #01-04
Capt Kim @ Tampines Junction #01-06
GoroGoro @ Centrepoint Mall #03-43
I'm Kim @ Clementi Grantral Mall #02-05
I'm Kim @ AMK Hub Mall #04-04

*Responsibilities *
Let customer tick the ala carte buffet menu
Serve out the food ordered
Clear and Clean tables
Ensure restaurant cleanliness and tidiness
Follow restaurant covid prevention procedures
Ensure by the last work hour of 4pm to complete the wiping of all plates and utensil needed for dinner operation

Special Note:
1. Recently we have encountered candidates who demand for video conferencing interview without which they doubt sincerity for interview
To be clear, if interview also need do video conferencing for part timers, then its highly encouraged for the candidate to find work that can be worked from home
2. To avoid wasting interviewee's precious time, we like to inform in advance that we do not take in employee who want to choose their own work schedule. Those who prefer own scheduling got to seek other employment opportunity that allows they to work as and when they like.
Thanks and appreciate your attention.

Interview at prescribed location informed by interviewer between 11am - 7pm Monday - Friday
Please whatsapp daily between 10am - 12pm to Kevin click for phone number  or May Wong click for phone number  to arrange interview for the 11am - 7pm

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201403453C

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