BAKER [Expired]

  •   City Hall - NS25|EW13
  •   Full Time
  •   5.5 Day Week

$ 2800

Wu Pao Chun

1. Topping Section:
· Process topping for respective bread and danish types according to SOP
· Euro bun toppings (in applicable outlets)
· Prepare ingredients and fillings for all bun type products
· Learn all products and know what are the ingredients in each product
· Perform Dispensing duty to bring out freshly baked products in organized manner

2. Table Section:
· Be equipped with knowledge on using the right and required ingredients per product
· Ensure right ingredients are used per product, at the correct weight per ingredient
· Perform Sweet bun, Danish, Euro, Toast shaping
· Perform filling for sweet breads according to product

3. Oven Section:
· Ensure right temperature and time setting per product being baked
· Be equipped with the right and proper knowledge for each product before baking
· Responsible to ensure all bread types (sweet bread, Danish, Euro, Toast) be baked according to standard

4. General:
· Ensure clean, tidy and hygienic station and overall kitchen environment
· Use the right tools and equipment for the right purpose (e.g. colour code cloths to wipe different surfaces, right knives etc)

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200302045G

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