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FROM  $ 2000 / month

Your Role:

As a Retail Sport Specialist your responsibility will be to make your sport accessible within your community by sharing the benefits of your sport with others in Singapore. Once you have mastered the in store basics, you will have the freedom to think outside the box, make commercial decisions on how and what to sell, building your business from the ground up. An entrepreneur and a sport lover on the job.

Your Responsibilities:

Team Player –The business and the customer always comes first, together with your colleagues you will ensure that your in-store business is commercial and efficient day to day.
Digital – As the retail continues to evolve, you will have the freedom to discover new ways to build your brand through social media and other digital channels.
Partnerships – Once your business is thriving in store and online, you can reach out into your community and work with your local sport clubs/schools/businesses to develop partnerships. Here is where you will apply your networking skills in order to strengthen your brand and to make your sport accessible within your community.
Customer Service – Your customers will always be your number one priority, you will have the means to listen to their feedback in order to make improvements to your business. At Decathlon we ensure that all our customers remain loyal through our Satisfied or Satisfied policy.
Project Driven – You will build your local sport project and contribute to the City Project of your Sport.

Benefits :

- Regular practice of sports
- Be a shareholder, with exclusive annual option to invest in Decathlon’s Shares
- Variable monthly performance bonus (capped at 10%)
- Generous staff discount on Decathlon products
- Comprehensive medical and insurance benefits
- Wide range of career opportunities locally and globally
- Internal and external training available

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201225519M

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