Machineshop Lead [Expired]

  •   Tuas West Road - EW32
  •   Full Time
  •   Shifts

Ensure all records and papaerwork are updated
Ensure work to priorities stipulated by Supervisor / Higher management / Thru-Put / planners
Ensure no NCR’s / observations when external auditors audit your department.
Ensure all employees work to the Quality procedures / dimensional sheets / calibration.
Ensure all machines are running 100%.
Ensure all employees work to the manufacturing / engineering procedures defined in the training matrix .
Work with Supervisor /Manufacturing engineers on method / machine / programming and tooling.
Work with programming with regards to speeds / feeds / methods / tooling / machine.
Ensure edits on programs run on machine is communicated back to programmer.
Review works orders with regards to correct machine / setup and run times, complete routing change requests.
Review methods of manufacturing to increase productivity.
Work to Thru-Put schedule loading, working to the system for each machine.
Ensure jaws / fixtures / programs and tooling are in place for all processes.
Ensure material verification is completed prior to work commencing.
Maintain storage rack in an orderly method.
Monitor down time and keep it to a minimum through vantage reports.
Monitor works orders operations are closed before moving to next operation..
Ensure machine competency training profiles are maintained / assist in training of new staff.
Work with maintenance supervisor with regards to releasing machines for PPM / break downs.
Planning of the manufacture of parts for machine repairs.
Arrange overtime to comply with current work load when required.
Monitor breaks and start up and stop times.
Must have hands-on experience in CNC Turning Machine.
Must have experience in leading a team of machinists.

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BRN/UEN: 199002269Z

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