Campaign Ambassador (Overseas Travelling Opportunities)

  •   Multiple Locations
  •   Full Time
  •   5.5 Day Week

A great beginning shall start with you!

How are we going to make your journey great?
• Playing a key role in all aspects of coaching and training
• Being a frontier for all renowned brandings via events and roadshows
• Getting involve in all 6 weekly strategic meetings to further achieve greater heights as an organization
• Allowing you to have a freedom of speech anywhere and anytime

How to get hired (Please Read)
The key characteristics that ensure prospective candidates will be a great fit at Titans are their dedication to personal growth as well as to the growth of colleagues and customers. At the individual level, a deep curiosity and a continuous thirst for learning is imperative, as well as a strong dedication to self-improvement. Titans are also committed to colleagues and customers. We strive to provide raving fan service and are positive and collaborative in all of our interactions. We’re looking for prospective candidates who want to be better versions of themselves, and who want to improve Titans and the sales and marketing industry as a whole.

What catches our attention (Important)
Prospective candidate who grab our attention are high energy, passionate and enthusiastic. It doesn’t matter which role you are applying. We love candidates who have relentless idealism and are excited about what Titans is trying to accomplish.

Hiring process you should know (Slightly more important)
Titans conducts an in-depth interview process to provide the opportunity for both the candidate and the company to evaluate and assess each other. We typically ask candidates to interview with a variety of people at Titans (senior, mid-level and junior ambassadors) who may potentially work with the candidate. Through a rigorous process, we want every candidate, no matter the hiring decision, to walk away with a positive experience from the dialogue with Titans.

Sounds great? Start your first trip of greatness now!

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 201511160G

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