Security Supervisor

  •   City Hall - EW13|NS25
  •   Full Time
  •   Shifts

1. Able to perform shift work including on weekends, public holidays and ad-hoc deployments when required.
2. Must be responsible, disciplined, and able to lead by example, highly motivated and influence others positively.
3. Primary duty is to assist in safeguarding CHS properties and assets.
4. Secondary duty is to be a Service Ambassador of CHS. In short, to ensure that guests of CHS have a safe and memorable experience.
5. Assist the Assistant Security Manager/ Security Manager in overseeing all aspects of the security function.
6. Overall in-charge of the Fire Command Centre (FCC) during the shift.
7. Perform Witness and Bank Escort duties.
8. Perform Lobby Surveillance.
9. Conduct thorough investigations into any reported incidents and generate incident reports with supporting evidences.
10. Assist in Fire Life and Workplace Safety matters
11. Attend to guests’ complaints
12. Render First Aid treatment, where applicable, to guest and staff.
13. Operate car parking systems and all CCTV monitoring systems.
14. Responsible for planning and deploying the security team
15. Other duties encompass neutralizing any domestic conflicts or criminal activities within CHS, monitoring of CCTVs, security coverage / escorts for VIPs, identify security and safety hazards and report them to superiors.
16. Any other security duties as and when assigned by the Assistant Security Manager/ Security Manager

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 197201840D

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