Experiential 3D Event Designer

  •   Bendemeer - DT23
  •   Full Time
  •   5 Day Week

$ 6000

We are seeking a talented Experiential 3D Events Designer to join our creative team. The Experiential Designer will be responsible for the creation of the assets required to transform creative ideas into tangible experiences through 3D elements, from conceptual and schematic to final build drawings and files. The Experiential Designer will work with and report to the Creative Director who will ensure that the designs meet project objectives and company standards.

Main Responsibilities

- Work closely with both account and creative teams in the preparation of 3D visualisation. Understand the concepts and initial design intent, and apply this into a graphic representation. This may involve reproducing the Creative Director’s concept into a graphic form, or may involve interpretation and artistic design ability to represent the ideas in a graphic form and into photo-realistic 3D renderings and animations.
- Read and accurately interpret client’s requirements, as specified within projects and realising those designs as compelling imagery.
- Assist the wider teams in refining workflows as well as supporting and training creative staff to refine visuals as an integrated element of the design process.
- Provide efficient modelling and converting of data sets from CAD or other 3D modelling packages.
- Undertake 2D image compositing, finishing and retouching operations on 3D renderings.
- Explore new technologies (both hardware and software) to expand MCI Group’s services, improve the quality of visualisations and increase efficiency. This is likely to include new rendering engines, pipelines and assets, as well as emerging trends such as virtual reality.
- Surveying, analysing and measuring event sites for detailed drawings.
- Create technical drawings and work with carpentry/production vendors to execute custom design elements such as, but not limited to, activations and staging

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200517783E

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